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Set in the region of Aevium, the game showcases the local efforts to rebuild and improve after a terrible natural disaster devastated the area some years ago. Yet another Pokémon MMORPG enters the fray, bringing with it a lot of the same charm features other options, but with a much larger scope. While that game is pretty good on its own, it isn’t the best execution of the “play as the villains” concept. It gets regular updates, and there’s always someone to play with thanks to its enormous popularity. There’s a lot to talk about in this Pokémon Emerald ROM hack.

Note that both CPUs will never run at the same time or do any fancy co-processing. The only reason for including the very old Sharp is for backwards compatibility. The layout shown of the AGB Game Pak doesn’t include a mapper , although games with a large ROM may still bundle one. If you use accessibility tools or legacy browsers, switch to the ‘classic’ edition.

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand (

Its a real shame we’ll never see the minish/growth mechanic again tetris games online, because Capcom dab’d on the zelda team so hard. You have to be a complete mouth breather to think MC is not the best or at least second best 2D/top down zelda ever made. This decomp is great once we have better tools for level editing and etc 2D zelda kino will be back on the menu. I didn’t like the idea of purchasing the weapons since the game wasn’t hard enough for you to die and lose them. Oh idk what goes into any of this, i just know i really enjoyed playing oot pc port.

  • Through 100 levels, you will need to avoid traps as well as use different hacking tricks to get through the systems and challenges you will face.
  • Sega ROMsYou may find Sega Genesis ROMs, Sega Saturn ROMs, and even Sega Master System ROMs at TechToROMs.
  • Earlier solutions included a burnable NOR Flash memory and some battery-backed SRAM.
  • Like other hacks created by Crizzle, level spikes come out of nowhere, so be sure to grind a lot.

Pokemon Inclement Emerald is based on the popular official game Pokemon Emerald that everyone has loved for so many years. The game’s story is the same as Emerald, so you might already know where to go. Welcome and see our compilation of Pokemon GBA ROM hacks. Though hundreds of Pokemon ROM Hack games exist online, we add only those games we think are worth being shared in the community. The wider series of Pokemon games are some of the best RPG titles of our generation.

Download Zelda: Link to the Past – Between Worlds voices ROM Hack

Using the EU rom, which has different languages is not also a problem saving games. What i said above is the language or locale of vbam itself since it has been a known problem… So what I gathered from this is that for ROMs that are non-US region the .sav file might get screwed up either upon reading or writing. This has the effect of changing the color of certain enemies, such as Bari and Kyameron. Link now has voice samples as sound effects, which are taken from child Link.


You can even play as Krys, the female character introduced in Gen 2. This game maintains a lot of the Gen 2 games’ charm, like the day and night cycle, making acorns into Poke Balls, and more. It uses sprites and several animations from the Generation V games. The story follows the continuation of the story from Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia, which is an official game. If you are familiar with or loved that game, then you may have a thrill with this game’s story since there will be references and several characters. GBA ROM Hacks are playable on any Game Boy Advance supported emulators.

This is a very good patch, the annoying Link voices always kept me from getting far in the game. I have an M3 perfect and could test for you guys, just send me a link to the rom and patch via PM and I’ll post my results. I encourage other people to test these drafts out on your emulators and actual hardware.